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hybrid cloud

Hybrid POS Solution

​Hybrid isn’t just for cars!

OrderCounter has perfected best of both worlds with the reliability of SQL at the store level but the accessibility of a cloud solution. No “System Down” in the middle of a lunch rush because of an internet outage. No loss of credit card processing or connection backups with data limits. And the power of information at your fingertips the rest of the time, whether working behind the bar or maybe having a frosty drink of your own on your favorite beach.

No Clogged Workstations

POS Terminals​​Today’s technology driven world can overflow into your business operations but with Ordercounter, there is no dedicated backoffice station keeping you leashed to one particular station. Any function, at any station, in real time, without logging into a back office. Or stay out from under your staff’s feet entirely by working from your own device.

True Redundancy

Your point of sale solution is the one employee that shows up every day! But what if one of them doesn’t? With OrderCounter if one or any station goes down, there is no worry. Replication assures that the rest of your system keeps your business and customers flowing.

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