The qlab
Self-serve Kiosk

Speed through peak hour
rushes without sacrificing
customer service.




Make the process even faster for your customers who want to get in and out quickly. Your customers can place their own orders via OrderCounter’s Self-Serve Kiosks. Reduce labor cost, eliminate lines, improve brand image, increase employee tips, improve customer satisfaction, and more.

Reduce Labor Cost

Kiosks will reduce cashier labor demand while increasing order taking capacity. Increased tips can be used to reduce both front and back of house wage costs. Available cashiers can refocus on providing great customer experiences.

Reduce or Eliminate Lines

Everyone likes to ‘skip the line’ and get their food as quickly as possible. Maximize your customer traffic and serve guests even faster!

Customizable Menu Display

Our kiosks are customizable to include high-quality graphics and food images. Customers can order and modify every item that is made available for Kiosk Ordering. Set up Upselling and increase the average order total.

Accept Payment, Tips, & Signature

Customers can pay at the kiosk with American Express, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Apple Pay, and GPAY. Customers can be prompted for both fixed and percentage tip amount. Signature is collected on-screen.

Make it a bundle and save more!

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